La Delicious

Transforming La Delicious into a haven of culinary delight, our interior design concept for this vibrant 650sqft space captures the essence of indulgence and charm. Infused with playful hues and inviting textures, our design harmoniously blends the whimsical appeal of an ice cream parlor with the cozy ambiance of a bakery. From the carefully curated seating arrangements to the captivating display of delectable treats, every element is meticulously crafted to elevate the customer experience and celebrate the essence of La Delicious’s offerings.

K7 International

Embarking on a journey of academic excellence, our interior design vision for K7 International encompasses 860sqft of dynamic learning space dedicated to shaping the futures of aspiring test-takers. Blending sophistication with functionality, our design concept fosters an environment conducive to focused study and personal growth. With strategically placed study pods, collaborative workstations, and ambient lighting, every corner of K7 International is tailored to inspire confidence and success in exams

Through thoughtful spatial planning and modern aesthetics, we’ve curated an atmosphere that ignites motivation and empowers students on their path to educational achievement.